Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This morning I was reading the Proverbs 31 Devotional and my friend Micca's message which then led me to her blog. Her discussion was about the "ugly one" (my name for satan) who tries to steal your joy. She shares details about how to keep your joy.
As I read her blog I kept thinking about how I have handled being robbed of joy and other things. Well, I sing!
Thinking of this inspired me to write about a couple of songs that have given me encouragement in the midst of difficulty, despair and decision making.

There are many songs that have given me hope to carry on.
If you know my testimony you have heard about times in my life that fear, loneliness and sadness surrounded my life. You also know that I always share about the great Jesus music I was introduced to in my teen years. The message through the music broke through and rescued me! During some of the lowest times in my life those words spoke life and healing to my saved my life! Even to this day I still listen to those artists and their music and it continues to have a huge part in transforming and guiding my life.
While it does not replace the Word of is the word and melody of God being sung over us.
And in case you have not heard...Praise is a weapon! With Praise and Song we can Win battles!

Are you needing encouragement for a situation you are in today?
Is there sadness looming around you?
Do you have a prayer need that aches your heart?
Is there a decision you need guidance on?

May I recommend that you read the Psalms, grab a good worship CD and sing!
Sing for Joy!
Sing for Healing!
Sing for Hope!
Sing for Wisdom!
Sing to Win and Overcome!

Leave a comment or email me and let me know how I can pray for you.
Take the time to encourage one another and share a song that has given you hope in the midst of a difficult time.

Here is a long time favorite artist of mine.
Janny Grein was one of the pioneers of Christian Music in the 70's.
She continues to minister and sing and has become a precious friend and mentor of mine.
If you would like more information please go to her website - Tell her Vern sent you!

Be Inspired to Sing!


We've been made More Than Conquerors
Overcomers in this world.
We've been made Victorious
Through the Blood of Jesus Christ.

If trouble comes knocking at your door.
Dont be afraid - it's not like before.
Don't you give in - don't let it bring you down.
You do not have to worry anymore.

Jesus said - there would be tribulation.
But He said " I have overcome".
Brothers and Sisters well now's the time to stand.
Don't you know the battles all are won!

We've been made more than Conquerors ~ Overcomers in this life!
We've been made Victorious ~ Through the Blood of Jesus Christ!

Hold on - we are getting stronger everday.
There is no reason for you to go astray
Don't be leaning to your understanding
Lean on Him and we will all say...

We've been made more than Conquerors ~ Overcomers in this life!
We've been made Victorious ~ Through the Power of God's Word!

PRAISE HIM ~ Janny Grein

If any man be in Christ - then he has become a new creation.
Old things are passed away.
Behold everything has become new in him.
God know longer knows the things that brought you to this place before you came here.
He only see's you holy now - faultless and blameless as your standing there.

Praise Him!
Lift your hands and Praise Him.
Praise Him!
Praise the name of Jesus!

Through the blood of Jesus.
His righteousness is like the robe upon Him.
Flowing and covering His Garment of Praise will now adorn you.
You will live and reign forever as Kings and Priests and Sons(Daughters) that He will call His own.
His blood is flowing in you now - Royalty has finally found a home in you.

Praise Him!

Praise be to the Lord, for He has heard my cry for mercy.
The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him and I am helped.
My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him in song.
Psalm 28:6-7

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The past several weeks I have taken a break from blogging...but I am back!

Here is what I have been up to...

* Staying in my pj's till afternoon! I am not kidding!

* Seeking God for wisdom and guidance regarding the remainder of this year and the upcoming year.

* Praying for upcoming events and speaking engagements.

* I performed with Ali Bug during a halftime show featuring the dancers and their moms. That was hillarious and sweet!!

* Rick and I went to the Neil Diamond concert. It was part of our Anniversary celebration. The girls had given us a gift certificate to a nice Italian Restaurant on our anniversary so we thought it would be good to use it before we headed to the concert. The evening was so wonderful!
We loved the place we ate at and the concert was really good. One song that we loved was - Man of God, Man of Faith. His older classics were great but this song was our overall favorite.
Have you ever heard it? Tell me what you think and if you know anything about his beliefs.

* On the 15th I spoke at Community Bible Church - Wed Ladies Bible Study. I have prepared for this speaking engagement the past couple of months and looked forward to this message. They have been doing a study on the Psalms and Worship. My topic specifically was about Giving Thanks. I love the Psalms and talking about Worship - plus I have a lot to give thanks about so this was something I really loved preparing for and participating in.
When I arrived at the church and set up for the message I could not find my folder and immediately remembered I had it out to write something I thought of that morning and did not put it back in my bag. I did not panic - which is not typically my nature! It was cool because God had His way for sure! I had no notes and just let the Lord flow with what was planted in me and what He spoke to me as I stood on that stage. My dear friend Allison covered me in prayer and even though it did not go the way I had thought, the results of the Ladies sharing their testimonies at the end was evidence the Lord was taking care of what He purposed that day.
I thank the Lord for His creative idea He led me to do for the open and close of the message. The card board testimonies were really powerful and freeing!
I thought my original message was just for me but I am thinking now that it was purposed for another time. Maybe it will appear on this very blog...or at a church near you!

* Celebrated Caty's 14th Birthday!! A Big Thank You to Dr L., who rescheduled Caty's 5th round of chemo so she could have a party. We also celebrated that she is Kickin The Cancer in the butt! The kids all had a great time laughing, dancing and playing goofy games! It was a great time that we all will never forget! Watching her have this great time made us all forget she even had that stuff!

That is all I got for you today...but I AM BACK!!
You all take care and hope to hear from you soon!

Be Inspired!

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