Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More, More, Moore!

Just in case you were wondering if that was a type-o in my blog title - know it is not.

Ha, ha! Just kidding...No, it is not a typing error!

The title is about me still soaking in what I caught from Beth Moore last weekend while she was in San Antonio with her Living Proof Conference.

Throughout this past week I have been going through my notes...and taking in more of what the Lord shared through her. It was amazing!!

Her message theme was about Inheritance.
When she announced what her topic was for the weekend you could feel a sweep through the whole room of ladies as we sat up to a more alert position. The Holy Spirit and Beth got our attention!

Throughout the whole weekend she taught us so much and provided us with massive amounts of scripture and message to meditate on. That is what I love about her!!
She engaged us in His word and taught us to Proclaim and Believe that we are Heirs of God!! YES!!

The whole weekend was a special time because it was shared with some long time friends of mine -Donna, Dorothy, and Sonya and our teenage daughters - my Alex, Donna's Avery, Dorothy's Macy and Sonya's Sarah. What an honor and sweet experience to soak in all this with our daughters!

To worship alongside my friends and our daughters was overwhelming at times...the presence of them beside me - mixed with the Holy Spirit singing over us - plus all those thousands of women was absolutely one of the most refreshing and inspiring moments that I have experienced in a long time. I will treasure that in my heart forever!!

Listening to the word come out of Beth's mouth "LIVE" was truly radical!
The Lord gave me so much confirmation, direction and even correction. There were areas that were revealed, unveiled and set straight! I am thankful for her obedience to speak with no compromise and without hesitation...my ministry efforts were challenged and changed!

There were so many MORE numerous stories I could share about the conference...So Many!!
Due to time and space here are a few...

* Like how cool it was that there was a section reserved for all of us bloggers. Beth calls us her Siestas! So she had a section for the Siesta Fiesta's that were there...and there was a special gathering set up after the conference - but I was unable to stay for the whole thing.

* It was so neat to meet ladies from so many areas...I had a sweet connection with Carol and Rita from Gonzales...They were so precious! (Hope to see them again!)

* Meeting and working with Tina from KLOVE.

* The Worship...mmm...mmm...undescribable!!

* Lastly I want to close with this one amazing personal story that impacted me so great that I could have left and not even heard the message...BUT I am so glad i did hear it and was able to experience every detail!

When Beth prays she likes to kneel down. Every time I see her do that I am moved and think of how much that ministers to me. Ooh how I like that position of reverence.

Whenever I get up and speak at an event I think of doing it but quickly realize how awkward it may look when I try to get back up!! Obviously Beth has better knees than I do!!

So back to my amazing story...

When she led us into prayer the first night and said lets pray...everyone bowed their heads.
For some reason I did not close my eyes and bow my head and began to pray with my eyes open. That was unusual for me...but I did not even think about that - I just did it.

It was during the prayer time that I went deep into His Presence reading the magnificent Names of God that appeared ever so gently and sweetly across the big screens. Beth was praying out loud and the words were resonating on the screen who God is and it saturated the room with His Power and Love!!

As I was praying I read the phrases that appeared on the screen and began to pray and give thanks to Him for being my Jehovah Jireh - My Provider, The Alpha and Omega - The Beginning and The End, Lord Almighty, You Are The Potter, I Sing For Joy at The Work of Your Hand...and so on it went.

I love to pray but Never had I experienced prayer through a media screen like that before!

It happened every time she prayed.

That weekend I never closed my eyes to pray...I anticipated the words to read and pray over my life, my friends and our daughters lives and the lives of all who were there. I could have read those promises and descriptions of God forever!

More, More, More...More of Him!

A Big Texas Thank You to Beth and family, Living Proof staff, Travis and the worship team and band, the Siesta's, Lifeway, KLOVE and all the volunteers that made this such a pleasant and well managed event...It was spectacular!

Enjoy these lyrics from a song that one of my girlfriends wrote.
It has been in my heart this week as I continue to soak in the word that was spoken to me from Beth and the Holy Spirit.

MORE ~ By Amanda Singer
Community Bible Church - Make A Joyful Noise CD

More of You, More of You
Take the world away and give me more of You.
More of You, More of You
Take my desires and give me more of You.

I am not afraid of the movement of Your Spirit.
I am not ashamed to be known for loving You.
I am not content with my heart and its condition.
I am full of compromise, please empty me and give me more!

I am so amazed that You would build Your kingdom through me.
I am so assured that You work things for my good.
I am so convinced that nothing can separate me
From Your love I don't deserve, yet You want to give me so much more!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sing Your Praise To The Lord!

It is Music Monday and Back to School Day for Ali Bug , she starts her Junior year and Ju Bean 7th grade.

I have been preparing myself during these last days of Summer that my girls would be heading back to their school hallways. It sure will be quiet without them here. Oh wow! I will have the computer all to myself!!

We have had such an awesome Summer so later this week I will re-cap some of my favorite memories! Come back and check it out!

For Today I would like to celebrate Music Monday with a High School Memory.

Let me take you back to my Junior year at TR High School.
I was in Choir class. My friend Kathy Thompson shared her cassette walkman with me...my life has never been the same. Thank You Kathy!!

That day when I put her headphones on and heard the piano keys beautifully begin the intro of a song. My heart was touched and calmed as the music captured me like I had never experienced while listening to a song. The lyrics begin to minister to me...but I did not understand at that time what I was experiencing.

I understand now that My Lord was singing over me.

It was Amy Grant singing the songs - Sing Your Praise To The Lord, El Shaddai, and Raining On The Inside. But it was the Lord's powerful love reaching me through the ministry gift He anointed her with. I am grateful for her and have been a devoted supporter and prayer warrior of hers ever since. Maybe one day I will have the opportunity to tell her...Thank You!

The Album I was listening to was the 1982 Age to Age album by Amy Grant.
Often I pull out that music and listen to it to remind of that day.

The day I discovered the power and love of Christ like I never experienced it before!

The day I discovered Christian music.

The day I discovered Christian radio.

The day that changed my life and my future.

It was also the day I discovered that I was not allowed to listen to that "kind" of music.
The whole Christian music was foreign to my mother and our back ground at the time.
She forbid me to listen to the Christian radio station or I would get in trouble if I did.

I disobeyed often.

When I would lay down to go to bed I would listen to our local Christian radio station on my small AM/FM radio...pressed tightly to my right ear.

It was worth it.

On those nights...I slept in peace instead of with fear like I normally would.

What is your earliest exposure to Christian music?
How has it affected you?

Let Him know about it...Sing Your Praise To The Lord!

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