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Here Am I ~ Send Me...Official Prayer Journal For Caty M

Whether you are a family member, longtime friend, an acquaintance or new admirer of Caty M.
Whether you personally know her or not.

ALL of us have had our hearts and lives joined together by one common concern.
The health and care of Caty and her family - Dad David, Mom Courtney and Brother Colin.

On July 14th I received a text from Courtney that Caty was going in for some testing for a mass that was spotted on her back and to please start praying for her. I will not forget that day and the days that followed. Those are the days that God got our attention quick and we began a new level of trusting Him.

That is also the day that we began to witness a young life live out the desire to do what the Lord had already called her to do...Reach lives for Him.

During the week of June 18th-22nd while at Youth Camp Caty's passion to share Christ intensified. The theme that week was Amplified. Caty absorbed the message and the meaning of Amplify...which is to make larger, greater or to increase.

Amplify is what she wanted to do with her faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

As she felt the Lord stirring her she began to see her home fill up with students that would attend her Elevate group (a church sponsored youth Bible Study group) in the fall...the number she has as a goal to reach is 300 people.

Her obedient heart has led her to reach way more than that already...and school has not begun yet!

Many hear the Lord speak to them and ignore it...some push it away...others set it aside for today and think maybe later they will respond to what God is calling them to do.

Caty has shown us what a "Yes Lord" looks like...She said Yes...Here Am I ~ Use me, Send me...Have your way in my life!

And even though the way things have unfolded is not like she pictured...Her steps have not wavered from that desire that was placed in her heart...She is still responding and growing even more interested in the calling and the things of the Lord.

As this all began I felt the Lord call me to put together a Prayer Calendar to cover every aspect of Caty's journey. Caty believes the word of God is powerful and true and is the source of all her strength, hope, love, and peace. She knows that prayer works...she gets through each day by praying and being the receiver of prayers mentioned on her behalf.

This journey is happening for a is not just for Caty and her family - but for all who hear her story and of His amazing Love. The rippling affect of this has no boundaries of age, race, or space. Praise The Lord for what He is doing in the midst of all of our lives!

May our faith be amplified for the Glory of God!

Thank you for responding to the call to pray...

Be Inspired!

(Family Friend and Youth Leader)

AUGUST 1st, 2008

We will begin every week with a favorite verse from Caty, a family member, or friend.
I will also have a healing scripture verse and some type of devotion in word, qoute or song lyric.
Pray those words over Caty and her family in whatever fashion that suits you or how the Holy Spirit guides you.
Since things can change day to day...there may be more than one prayer journal entry per week...depending on what arises...a prayer need or a victory report!!

* CATY'S VERSE ~ Philippians 4:13

I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Gives Me Strength.

(Caty and Family can do all things through Christ who gives them strength!)

* HEALING SCRIPTURE ~ Psalm 103:2-5

Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits -
who forgives all your sins and HEALS (Caty) all your diseases,
who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion,
who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.

* DEVOTION SONG ~ Here Am I, Send Me By Keith Green

Oh Lord, there's just so much to be done.
Oh Lord, so many souls to be won.
Oh Lord, this world is falling apart. Dying for love from a broken heart.

Here am I, send me.
Though there's really not that much I can do.
What I have is so small - but I want to give it all to you.

Oh Lord, you said the harvest was great.
Oh Lord, it looks like the workers are late.
Oh Lord, its getting hard to they ignore your great command.

Here am I, send me.
Though you said the ones who labor are few.
Still my heart hears the call and I want to give it all to you.

Oh just to reach the ones nobody does.
Give up my pride and even work in the mud.
I want to be like those who spilled their blood and gave it like water to you.

Oh Lord, there's just so much to be done.
Oh Lord, So many souls to be won.
Oh Lord, this world is falling apart. Dying for love from a broken heart.

Here am I, send me.
Though there is really not that much I can do.
What I have seems so small but I want to give it all to you.

Here am I , send me.
Though you said the ones you have chosen are few.
Still my heart hears your call and I want to give it all to you!

We will continuously pray for Caty's healing.
Wisdom for her family and for the Doctors.
Lives to be encouraged through the message of her story.

Today Caty is in the hospital with a fever. Please pray for the fever to lower so she can be well and be able to return home.

Praise the Lord for good news on her lab reports today!

Monday, July 28, 2008



I wanted to remind some and get the word out to others that THIRD DAY will be on JAY LENO tomorrow night!!
That is Tuesday, July 29th, 2008.

Tomorrow is the release date of their new cd - Revelation...I almost said album...anyways...go to Target, Best Buy, Lifeway or wherever you buy your music and enjoy the great music during the day and then do not forget to stay up late and watch The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and special musical guest Third Day!!!

Honestly if I was rich...I would have been there listening to it Live!! That did not happen but a part of my support will be there via my friend Lotto...and I will be listening to them and celebrating on the phone with Donna as we watch it together...just in different parts of the USA. Me in Texas and her in Tennessee (she is visiting the family - Hi Mimi!).

On Wednesday they will be on KLOVE Radio with Jon and Sherri if you have a KLOVE station in your area...enjoy the continuation of the street release week celebration and promotion!

One other announcement...I will be having a Third Day giveaway this week so leave me a message on my blog why you should win a CD.
I will announce the winner on Friday!

Ok - seriously I have one more thing...Third Day is coming to the San Antonio area on October 4, 2008...The tour is going to be off the charts in concert performances...go here to read all about it and purchase your tickets!

Just a heads up...I will be giving away tickets to the concert sometime in September...So check back and be so up on your Third Day wisdom!

Thanks for your time and do not miss the music, interviews and tour!!

This was not a paid announcement. :)


PS ~ Starting Monday I will have my first MUSIC MONDAY BLOG EVENT.
All you music lovers - Come Check it Out!

Our First Visit

Sorry I have been slow at getting another blog out.
There has been a lot of activity going on in our home...I will try to catch you up this week with last weeks hang in there!!

Last week we went to visit our friend, Caty M, in the hospital....This was her first week to begin Chemo treatments and they were intense!

We had read her caring bridge website before going and talked to Courtney (her mama) so we knew she was loopy but when we got say the least - she was Very entertaining!

I brought her a pair of my signature "Be Magnified Jesus" glasses and we took a picture with Joe Jonas...I did not have another pair of glasses for might have made him look better!

As the seconds ticked away, Caty begins to perk up a little and pats the bed for Ali to sit with her. We were all laughing because Caty was so cute in her gesture...Ali was happy to join her friend and take a picture. I had to snap fast because her eyes would open and shut quickly!
You will notice Joe never changes his pose!

I captured another kodak moment when Ju Bean joined the picture and we enjoyed more laughter and communication with Caty. She was such a joy and shared some interesting facts. We are always learning from her!

Well, here is what can happen when you have Chemo and mix of other "cocktail" drugs that help you with nausea...or perhaps it was the company she had that day!

Even though our visit was sweet - we wished we never had to have that kind of visit again.

We left a part of our smile in that room that day and captured another part of Caty in our hearts.
When we went to the car we spent time thanking God for what we have and praying for Him to be strength and healing to Caty and her family.

He has already shown Himself in a grand way through this young life. We are anticipating much more of His Power and Love to explode through her amazing testimony as it ripples out and affects a wide range of lives - all over this world! From what I have read and has already begun!

I told Courtney that the strong foundation and courage that we are witnessing through Caty is a reflection of the legacy of faith that her and David have lived and passed down to their children...It is a beautiful thing to witness!!

Please continue to pray for her healing and her nausea...she has been real sick from this first round of treatments...but if you read her post today you will notice she still has the ability to proclaim that her God is able her own words "kick a stupid little tumor in someones butt!"
(that is where her tumor is located.)

So be encouraged by this and know that whatever your "tumor" is in your life...God is able to conquer it - or kick its butt! I have no doubts!!

We rejoice today that Caty has been at home for a couple of days now and is trying to get some much needed rest and gets to enjoy visitors and family in her own casa.

Starting next week I will have a prayer calendar that will cover Caty's battle and all the details that go with it. We will not cease in our prayers and support until the Victory has been complete!

Thanks for caring for someone that many of you do not even know. What you pray and do for her - you are doing unto the Lord! What a blessing you are!

Please share with us any prayer requests of yours or comments on my blog...We would be honored to cover you in prayer - as well as pass on any encouragement to Caty.

Smother your loved ones with kisses!

Love you all,

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