Sunday, September 7, 2008

After All These Years ~ Happy Anniversary Baby!

On a hot September 7th day in 1985...I married my sweetheart, the incredible father of our precious girls.

It has been 23 years of amazing trials and triumphs!

After all these years this is what I still get on a daily basis...

1. A patient man...most of the time...especially when dealing with me!

2. He prays throughout each day for his family...and others.

3. He makes sure the kids are up in the morning.

4. Serves them breakfast.

5. Makes their lunch.

6. Takes them to school.

7. Prays over them before sending them off.

8. He insists I stay in bed while he does all this.

9. He works hard for his girls...and our spending habits, dreams and callings!

10. He Compliments me everday...even when I make "hamburger surprise" for dinner!

11. He kisses me before he goes to work everyday and speaks a blessing over me...even if I am still sleeping!

12. He likes to do the grocery shopping.

13. He notices when I clean.

14. He is very funny.

15. He is very smart...he never stops learning.

16. He is constant in encouraging me with my calling and gifts.

17. He is an incredible business Media Man!

18. He makes sacrifices and puts others before himself.

19. He keeps the checkbook...balanced!

20. He prays with and hugs & kisses the older girls before heading off to bed.

21. He prays with, kisses and tucks Julia into bed every night.

22. He listens to me...when I am ready for late night conversations and patient while I go through my night time ritual of face cleansing and moisturizers!

23. Most of all he worships Jesus in all he does...and then at the end of the day...he makes sure the doors are locked, prays with me, kisses me goodnight and rolls over to get rest to do this all over again!

He may snore but I can handle that!

There really is so much more...but I just went through an average day with this great guy that I am blessed with!!

Today I celebrate our journey together and want to dedicate this song to my honey!


After All These Years ~ By Journey

A faded wedding photograph.

You and me in our first dance. Our eyes are closed...we're lost in one sweet embrace.
Since those days the world has changed...but one love remains the same.
God knows we've had our share of saving grace.

I`m so proud of all the blessings you have given me.
The mountains we have climbed to get this far.

We`ve learned to take the laughter with th tears.
After all these years...

You make me feel...all brand new. After the fires that we walked through.
Against the odds we never lost our faith. In a house we made our own.
Where our children all have grown. Precious moments time cannot erase.

Make a livin up and down the gypsy highways.
The many seasons we have spent apart.

Somehow in my heart...I always keep you near.
After all these years.

After all these stood by me...the days and nights that I was gone.
After all these sacrificed...believed and you stood strong.

With our love...there's nothing left to fear...After all these years!

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