Friday, June 7, 2013

Jewel Of Inspiration: 7 Days Of Blessings For Mom

DAY 7:  Part 2

See previous blog post for part 1 of this series of blessings!
Enjoy the books, blogs, devotions, studies, facebook pages, and tweets from these amazing women!
Ladies of all ages & stages be inspired as you keep these great resources handy for daily Summer encouragement & strength!
* Ann Voskamp - Is your laundry basket never empty?  Are you desiring for a place where Peace, Grace and Joy reside.  Ann's warm welcome will guide you there...right there where Christ resides...right next to your mess.  You just may become grateful for that mess.
* Lisa Jo-Baker - This Supermom is a Cheerleader for tired moms and will sweeten your day with a side of chocolate and a mighty serving of motherhood encouragement!

* Stacey Thacker - Stacey offers encouragement to all moms...but if you are a little weary she has something special to give you hope.

*  Angie Smith - Her testimony will inspire you in the midst of your hardest strengthened to walk in faith not fear!

*  Melanie Shankle - Need a chuckle - some fashion inspiration and to shed a mama tear here & there?  Read Big Mama's blog and be blessed by her Texas charm and beautiful & big mama heart!

*  Jennifer Hatmaker - Now don't say that I did not warn you about this one!  Her radical obedience and passionate personality is going to rock and inspire your world and make you laugh out loud!

*  Angela Thomas -  You will be greatly encouraged with her beautiful and brave testimony of Gods redeeming love!

*  Gwen Smith -  With her girlfriends - Sharon & Mary - share impactful messages through their Girlfriends In God Devotions.  Your trust in God will expand as you are inspired to delight yourself in His Word!  Through Word and Song, Gwen shines for Him!

Be Inspired!

Pinky Vern

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Jewel Of Inspiration: Day 7

During the month of May I posted "Blessings for Moms" over on my
Inspired Looks Ministries & Accessories Facebook page. 

For friends & family that do not use facebook - I will post today's DAY 7 on my blog.

This post is loaded with a lot of great resourceful information to
encourage, equip and overflow wisdom & joy to women and moms at every stage!  
I encourage you, as you are able, to check out their
websites, facebooks pages, devotionals, books, bible studies and free downloads.
I also recommend checking their speaking schedules to see if
 they will be coming to an area near you!

Enjoy and Be Inspired!
Pinky Vern

Jewel of Inspiration:
7 Days of Blessings for Moms and Their Households

DAY 7:  This final blessing is to encourage and equip every woman & mama no matter what stage you are in.  Also, I'm assigning to  you a Summer Lovework challenge!  The challenge is for you to check out the resources I have compiled and intentionally take the time for yourself to enjoy and soak up the wisdom, humor and love these gals overflow! This will be a 2 Part Post - so make sure you come back tomorrow for more resources and information!  There will also be a giveaway!!

You may be overwhelmed with all the details surrounding the last days of school, health matters, decisions that need to be made, vacation planning, or faithfully working hard in the work place!

These sweet friends and mama's are praying, preparing and providing great perspectives for all women and I can guarantee that you will be inspired and blessed no matter what stage you are in!

*  Lysa Terkeurst - Proverbs 31 Ministries -  Sweet Sisters, if you have not already, please do yourselves a favor and sign up for the P31 daily online devotions, online Bible Studies and be blessed by all the Proverbs 31 team of writers & speakers!  While there take a peek at the She Speaks Conference details and check out Lysa's books & blog...they will inspire you to Crave God more! and

*  Renee Swope -  An amazing mom who will encourage you with her 7 Day Doubt Diet!  It will help you to lose weight of things you don't need to carry and have a more confident heart to live, love and lead with!

*  Suzie Eller & LuAnn Prater - join Suzie & LuAnn at Encouragement Cafe!  They will both fill you up to overflowing!  Also, if you are on Facebook come visit Suzie and Friends over at Moms Together!

*  Karen Ehman - Calling all control freaks or those who need doable ideas to help you live your priorities.  Check out Karen's blog and hear more about her recent book - Let It Go!!

* Jen Schmidt - She is the queen of balancing beauty and bedlam and shares her amazing tips and advice on everything from food, fashion, fun, family and faith!

* Faithlife Women - A wonderful ministry to women that brings encouragement and application from the Word of God and a variety of authors & speakers. 

Be Inspired!
Pinky Vern

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