Sunday, February 1, 2015

Well the past two months have been a doozy. 

Christmas was a whirlwind mixed with blessings and difficulties - and January, don't take it personally but I was over you before you were over.   
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So today I am thrilled to move on and say HELLO to February!!
I welcome this month and give thanks to my Lord that it is here and I am so looking forward to all the LOVE that will overflow!!
Since January was a bit of a blur I want to say - 
Happy New Year and Happy February Everyone!
I have not felt like writing...actually was numb and blank for most of January and needed to just pause and rest.
I was carried by prayers and love from friends near and far.
So Grateful!
As we greet this new month - I am looking forward to studying, writing, serving and speaking again and sharing what has inspired me to press through this difficult season.
I also have some LOVELY and fun things planned!
Throughout the month I will post inspiration, tips, tools, gifts and giveaways surrounding the theme of LOVE.  Follow along on the blog and on my facebook page too!

Starting today I will  share a February tradition that I began a couple of years ago with my family.   It is an easy and fun way to remind them that they are loved.  
I invite you to join me over the next 14 days to begin a new February LOVE tradition with your family and/or friends. 
Details to follow in my next post! 
smile emoticon

Be Inspired To Love!
Pinky Vern

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