Monday, February 2, 2015


I am so grateful for the LOVE that has been given to me throughout the past month.
Once again I am strengthened, moved and transformed by the LOVE of others.

More than ever I have an ache to LOVE.
To Grow In Genuine LOVE.
To Speak and Respond In LOVE.
To LOVE Others Well...Just As They Are.
To Receive LOVE.
To Not Miss The Opportunity to LOVE On Others. 
To Not Hesitate In Letting Friends & Family Know How Much They Are LOVED.

A couple of years ago I began a February tradition that was a fun opportunity to let my family know how much they were LOVED.
For 14 days I sent them text messages that say:
I LOVE YOU MORE THAN...(insert something special or funny).

The first time I did this they were surprised and responded with their shock and own version of LOVE that included something like this - "Your weird. ha,ha!" (To which I replied, "Thank You"!) "LOL" "Thanks I Love You Too" "I Love You More Than..."
I have made this a gift I give to my family every year. It starts February 1st and goes on leading up to Valentines Day and the cool thing is - it is free and so much fun!

I invite you today to begin this tradition with your own loved ones (friends or family) and follow along the next 14 days with the daily LOVE notes that I will post. Adjust it to fit you and feel free to do it for one day, one week or the whole 14 days and also feel free to copy what I post & the pic I make or create your own LOVE note. 
Here is a suggestion - if you or they do not have a cell phone, write it in a note and put it in lunchboxes, emails, send in cards or write on celebration plate or the mirror. smile emoticon
I cannot wait to hear about the reaction and response you get in return. 

Together lets grow in LOVE and LOVE others deeper than ever before!

The way to love life is to imagine losing it.
Envision life without the loveliness of those you love - and you see how much you love. ~ Ann Voskamp

Above all, LOVE each other deeply, because LOVE covers over a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8

Here is day one's LOVE note that I dedicate to my friends near and far that LOVED on me this past month.

Be Inspired To Love,
Pinky Vern

** For everyone who likes or shares my posts over the next 14 days will be entered to win one of the LOVELY drawings that will take place throughout this month. The more you like and share - the more chances you have to win some awesome stuff! Thank you kindly for inspiring and sharing with others. XO **

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