Monday, December 22, 2008


Last Friday was a grand day in the life of our little family! Our dear Meredith accomplished her goal of attending & graduating from College.
Not only did she graduate but she graduated with Highest Honors ~~ Summa Cum Laude!!!
(Shouts and Hand Claps for Mere!)

This is huge for us since neither Rick or I graduated from College.

Family Picture with our Graduate!
Mere Bear accepting her diploma

Cheers for the Graduates!

The Graduates exiting the ceremony.
Mere is in the second row with an "M" on top of her hat.
The decorated hats were great!
It really helped to locate her!

As I ironed her graduation gown on Friday morning I began to tear up.
Rick walked in and asked me if my allergies were bothering me...I said "No!"...and then I really cried as I pointed to her gown to express to him why I was crying!

We both are amazed at our daughters accomplishments and the blessings the Lord has provided.
As we think about the past 22 years of prayers that we have prayed for this daughter and how the Lord delivered and took care of us in the midst of some difficult seasons...we both are emotional.

This is the daughter that at a very young age we noticed her ability to perform and choreograph.
Despite us not being able to afford dance classes for her - The Lord provided the gift of dance to develop and strengthen in her as He guided her to become an amazingly gifted dancer and choreographer!

We learned that when He places a gift and calling on your life He will provide the pathway to grow and use it...not always the way the world would accomplish it!

Mere has gone from choreographing neighborhood shows with her friends to
choreographing a multitude of performances and shows for schools and church's.
As well as win awards for her performances.
Now she is on her way to becoming a High School Dance Director!!

What we witnessed last Friday was an amazing thing!
His power gave her skill, determination, and discipline.
What she has done with it is beautiful!

We are so proud of her!

Mom, Dad, Alex and Julia

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Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

OH YEA - Congratulations!! And with highest honors. That is so wonderful and yea for Mom who has dedicated so much time and invested the TRUTHS of who she is in Christ all these years. Congrats, Vern. :)

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