Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lots To Share!

So much going on and lots to share!

Since Thanksgiving I have been busy preparing to put on a Market Days event at our church.
The event was last Saturday. It was crazy and fun!

We had around 40 vendors with a variety of great items.
I had a booth with all my Inspired Looks Accessories on display and for sale.
This is one of my favorite shows to do throughout the year because I get to see so many friends and customers that shop every year at this event. It is always nice to hug and catch up a little with these friends that I do not get to see so often.

The Mug N Muffin team, my daughters & some of my girlfriends helped to make that day such a success! I could not have done it without them! THANKS GIRLS!!

I wish I had pictures to show - but never had time to stop and snap I said it was crazy!
I would love to show you what our church looked like...all decked out with decoration for the season, with people everywhere, vendors with their amazing items. Most of all I would like to have shown you the Christmas spirit that was everywhere...people shopping and having a good time with friends and family, families getting Christmas photo's taken by the large display of trees, folks enjoying the live Christmas music that was being performed by my friend Tina Wilson (She RockS!) and in the midst of all that hustle and bustle there was sweet ministry that took place in many different fashions.

A HUGE Thank You to all the vendors and their families for participating in this event with us.
What a special day you helped us deliver!
Praise The Lord for the many people that shopped and helped us raise around $5000. dollars to
benefit the single parents during the Christmas season!

Onto other updates...


During the week of Thanksgiving Caty had many tests done and received GREAT reports!
On Wednesday we received a text message that announced "The Doctor looked over the scans and said the tumor is gone! Happy Thanksgiving! Praise GOD!"

I screamed - YES! - when I read that!

I wanted to share this update with you since many of you have been praying for Caty and her family. This is a great report and we are rejoicing!

The Doctor says that she will continue with the scheduled plan of treatments even though the tumor has been killed and the bone is restructuring itself. Apparently this type of cancer (Ewings Sarcoma) is known to aggressively return.

Her next session of Chemo treatments begin this Friday - December, 12th.
On Monday - December 15th she will add radiation to her treatments.

Please pray for her as she begins this new phase of her treatments.
They are praying that she will be well enough to enjoy Christmas at home and not at the hospital or be banned from family participation due to low counts and immune system.

She continues to be a courageous young warrior and shares her story often to encourage others!

We enjoyed a night out with their family last was a great evening and a rarity since she became ill.


Sharlet is another good friend that battled cancer.
I had her and Caty come be my guest at a ladies event I did at our church.
You can check out her story on my blog from my October posting called - "WOW!".

I wanted to share with you this exciting opportunity she had.
Recently she was featured in Newsweek magazine regarding her cancer journey and the use of the caring bridge website.
Read more about it by going here...NEWSWEEK. If it does not open to that page click on the Health page and look for the story titled - " Fighting on Two Fronts".

We are busy trying to get Christmas decoration up, attend the girls dance performances, attend Christmas parties, Open houses, Graduation, and help with our friends wedding.

Oh and I have something really special I am working on...Next week I will have all the details to announce it!

All I can say is Ladies ~ Save the Date of JANUARY 23rd, 2009!

Be Inspired!


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