Tuesday, November 4, 2008

In God We Trust!

Here Is My Election 2008 Button Collection. I have been wearing a different button almost everyday for the past several weeks. Can you guess which one is my favorite?

Whoever guess first which button is my favorite will win a McCain ~ Palin Button and a Christmas CD to get them ready for the upcoming Season!

Did you vote today or did you do early voting?
Our household did early voting.
Uncle Rico and I walked down the street to our local library the other day and voted.
We decided to walk and save fuel since the parking was going to be tricky anyways.
After we voted we held hands and walked home. What a great day! We Saved Gas - Voted - and Exercised together by walking!

Here is our little Jr Republican Ju Bean modeling one of our hand made Campaign Shirts.
Front Side - McCain ~ Palin 2008
She is also sporting her new braces that she got a couple of weeks ago. What a smile that kid has!

Back Side - Time For A Real Hero!
This is one of her favorite sayings about John McCain.

Another Shirt I made for her.
She wanted it to say - History In The Making - on the back side.

The Craft Queen paid me a visit and I duplicated this shirt 3 more times for her friends to have one! I am not sure what came over me...but I actually made several more shirts after that!!

It has been so neat to see once again how awesome this young generation is!
To watch Ju Bean inspire others and get them involved in making a difference has been so cool!
She has been campaigning and talking about this election for a while now.
Wearing buttons, and shirts to school, to dance class, to church...Everywhere!
She even has her text messages end with the signature saying - "McCain Palin 08!.
I love it!
Everyday she keeps up with what is going on. She is even informed about the stock market by her friend Kelly...Again...this generation of young folks are amazing!!

Our little Warrior!!

We just tucked her into bed and told her that Barack Obama had just won the election.
She handled it with grace. I know on the inside she was steaming!
Rick told her good job on her campaigning efforts and we prayed for her, our country, our new President and the McCain Team.

Our Pastor gave a perfect message to guide and encourage the congregation during this election week. If you are feeling anxious about what is going on in the world with the financial crisis, the wars and Obama becoming President I encourage you to go to http://www.communitybible.com/ and click on the message from last weekend titled - In God We Trust.

When you get discouraged with any of the results that have taken place tonight and the days ahead...take out your currency and read the words - IN GOD WE TRUST!
Give Thanks for all your blessings and remember The Lord is still Lord of All!!

Keep praying for our leaders and our country. Keep it up...now is not the time to stop.

God Bless and Good Night!


Ally Johnson said...

You're favorite button is the pink one with the elephant on it. Julia looks beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

I would say "Its A Girl" obviously because it is Pink and that is your color..but next choice would be "Time for a Real Hero"

Love Ya


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