Monday, July 7, 2008

Have Faith

Here is a glimpse of our Fourth of July Memories with some of our best friends "Lotto" , "Donna Sue" and their girls Hanna Grace, Lottie and Emma.

We went to Lotto's parents house and ranch in Uvalde, Tx.
This was a long overdue trip and one that we have tried to do on various occasions....I am glad it worked out.
One of the great things about this trip was that I was able to bring Boo-Boo (Winston) with me.
As soon as we began to throw things in our bags, Winston knew we were up to something and began to get anxious. He went crazy when we loaded the car up & put his kennel in it. The smart dog that he is...he jumped in and was ready to hit the road!
When we arrived at the casa, Iya and Doc greeted us with the best Texas hospitality and made us feel so welcomed!

Once we got settled in...All of us girls went to The Country Club to relax, and shiver as we watched the kids swim in freezing water!

The men went to the local HEB to purchase food for meals and snacks. Then they met up with us at the club for a late lunch.

Lunch was fun as we indulged in great conversation and on huge burgers with many side items & desserts...Yummo!
What a joy it was to listen to Iya's funny stories about her bathing suit purchase from the store - Just Add Water...She claims the just add water part is false!

Lotto had some fun stirring up trouble between Uncle Rico and Iya. Iya is a very big Texas Longhorn fan and Rico is a big Red Raider fan. Well, that almost got us kicked out of the casa!
To keep adding to the rough territory...Lotto stoked the fire a little more by adding that we liked the Oklahoma Sooners as well!

Thank goodness Iya operates in forgiveness and showed us a little mercy!
She is also accepting a bribe from Uncle Rico to take her fishing soon!
I can picture it now...Rico and Iya and her Just Add Water Swimsuit on the Texas Coast!

Here are some photos of the sweetest part of the trip...when the kids were all getting along... having fun feeding the goats and playing in the rain.

You will notice Donna Sue and I are not in any photos...we were cooking dinner while everyone went out to feed the goats and play. We had just as much fun...Cooking, Cleaning (ahem) and Jamming to the new Third Day CD that will hit the stores later this month. (I will talk more about Third Day coming in the days and weeks ahead...Stay tuned!!)
I offered Donna to trade her Third Day CD for my new Apologetix CD but she laughed and opted out! Boo!!!

Lastly - check out the photo's of the precious puppy friends that enjoyed the weekend too!
Winston had fun but was so pooped after being out numbered and chased by the girls
Lu-Lu (Iya's Precious Princess) and Lacey (Lotto's Lap Dog).
Winston what a stud!

Thank you to Lott & Donna for the invitation and Iya & Doc for a memorable Fourth of July.
We enjoyed our activities, conversations, laughter, and meal times with you all!
I especially will remember my early morning conversation with Doc and hearing his stories of faith...And sitting out back watching the sun come up and having a little quiet time with the Lord.
This is what I read...

I John 5:4
This is the Victory that conquers the world...Our Faith.

If you have no faith in the life beyond this life, then your present life is going to be powerless. But if you believe in the future and are assured of victory, then there should be a dance in your step and a smile on your face. (Taken from Max Lucado's - Everyday Blessings Book)

Have Faith.




David & Jo Ann said...

Great job! Don't you just love going through your experiences again as you tell your story? It's amazing what the Lord has in store for us. And more amazing that we can share those experiences with others! Love you girl - and praise God that He has allowed our paths to cross!
Jo Ann

Lelia Chealey said...

Your family is beautiful! Love all the pics!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Tough times, but really worth it. :)
I have a pic to send you. Send me your e-mail address at

Have a great weekend!

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