Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Jewel Of Inspiration

JEWEL OF INSPIRATION:  When Life Brings Storms Beyond Belief
As everyone knows and has been watching the unbelievable coverage from the recent flooding going on in my home state of Texas - I wanted to share with you updates and opportunities to join me, my family and ministry in praying and reaching out to and offering help, hope and healing to those affected by these crazy storms.
This past weekend Rick and I went to the beautiful town of Wimberley and were blown away by the sight of massive trees uprooted, tossed around like toys - stripped and snapped as if they were little match sticks. The belongings and memories of families sprinkled up and down the river like it was confetti.
We saw a complete neighborhood street that was once lined with beautiful homes, yards, trees, gardens, and games - that were often used for gatherings, sharing hospitality, vacations, celebrations, making memories, times of laughter, love, relaxation and enjoyment with family and friends - now decorated with wreckage and responses of whoa.
Late this afternoon I went by a couple of the other areas affected by the storms to drop off a few items and see what they needed. One of the places I went to was a donation and distribution place in Martindale, Texas.
Martindale is a small town of approximately 1400 folks that was also hit hard by the rains and overflowing river waters. I'm not exactly sure but possibly 200 or more families were evacuated and experienced extensive damage to their homes and belongings.
It was there I met Bea. A generous and courageous servant from San Marcos, Texas that has taken the people of Martindale, Texas under her wing! Bea is the founder of Rays of Hope in San Marcos and has a huge beautiful heart to help people in need. She is working hard organizing the collection and distribution of items needed in Martindale and checking on the people in that area. After unloading my delivery - Bea took me to go meet some of the families that are needing a little extra hope. These families had up to 7 feet of water in their home and are grateful for any help and items being donated. As we drove up to their homes I let out a deep breath and once again shook my head in disbelief. As we walked around I listened to the mom's update, the kids stories, and the families questions as they courageously smiled, listened and cried. I hugged, shared some joy and hope and prayed for them. Such a mix of emotions.
What I have witnessed this week is Horrific - but what I have also witnessed is Help, Hope and Healing in such amazing ways. It has come generously from within the aching communities taking care of each other as the storm approached, through the storm and in it's remains. It is coming from families caring for one another...friends caring for friends...from strangers caring for strangers...from the young caring for the older...the older caring for the younger...from towns, states, and countries caring for people beyond their borders...many, many people caring without hesitation.
Long before the experts and experienced ones arrived - the faith and compassion of the people in these Texas towns set the heart and tone for this recovery and they will continue to inspire and impact their communities, our state and beyond - long after the media and multitudes are gone.
Texas Proud!!
[What, what would have become of me] had I not believed that I would see the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living!
~ Psalm 27:13 Amplified Bible
I pray our eyes are set on Christ and our hearts confident He will carry us through the stormiest of days.
If you are in need of prayer for yourself or others - please comment below or send me a message and I would be honored to pray.
Be Inspired,
Pinky Vern

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