Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Not Giving Up

I took a brave step the other day and entered a contest.
Sounds easy but it was hard.

Hard because...
I was a week behind the over 300 plus women who were jumping at this opportunity 
to travel to Rwanda in July.

I was - ahem - a little older than most of the girls.

I had other numerous excuses and fears of
"why me?" instead of "why not me?".

On this amazing trip will be a team of incredible advocates, story tellers, bloggers, artist's and others that represent Noonday Collections and International Justice Mission.  I want to join them on this
all expense paid trip that would combine my passion for Fashion and Freedom
 to create opportunity for the poor, hopeless and hurting.
This is not a contest about raising money...but raising votes
 to bring awareness.

Currently I am on page 3 in rankings, and have large gap to get to
 page 1 and in the top 7.
Today they started posting how many votes we actually have.
I am in the 400's...the top 7 are in the 3000's!!  There are 2 days left of
this contest...Today And Tomorrow!
 I'm still not giving up!

It is not about the prize to me, but coming together bringing awareness and advocating for the causes of poverty and sex trafficking.
Whether I am on this trip or not - one of the main reasons
I signed up for this - is for
and to reach as many people as possible with this
#StyleForJustice Campaign!

Freeing, Rescuing, Transforming and Supporting the lives affected by sex trafficking has become a cause I support through the sales of some of my own accessories (click here) and Noonday Collections.

I have met people who have been rescued from prostitution and sex trafficking and personally know what it means to be Free from a stronghold. 
 With Gratitude for all the Lord has healed me of and set me Free from - 
 I speak, testify write, volunteer and advocate for others to be free!

I Will Not Giving Up!

Did you realize the major link to this injustice is pornography?
Pornography trains the minds and creates a demand for filth and profit.

Did you know that when girls enter prostitution whether through
kidnapping or being lured that they are often trained through the
watching of pornographic videos to become a slave to sex.
Their strength and inhibitions are broken down and weakened.


I appreciate your votes, support, cheers and kind words that have been offered during this contest.  The discussions have been a gift to share and bring greater awareness to the serious topic of modern day slavery.

Together we can advocate in offering hope and healing
Lets Do This...Together!

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