Sunday, May 13, 2012


A Daughter Is...

A Blessing From God

A Treasured Gift

An Extension Of Yourself

A Display Of True Beauty

A Young Girl Who Grows Up To Become Your Friend

A Collection Of Memories From The Past

A Present Moment Of Joy

A Promise For The Future

A Vessel Of God's Love
My memory may be a little weak due to cancer treatments and ahem age...but the memory of becoming a mom to 3 amazing daughters is as strong as ever!!
First Daughter - I remember the pain and the thoughts that I was one of those mom's that dies giving birth!  Have Mercy that was painful!!!
Second Daughter- I remember looking like I swallowed the Large Bouncy Ball from Walmart and thinking my belly could not stretch & expand any further...and it did...and so did my feet & my face!  Wow - Really?!  I already had big hair...what a visual I must have been!!
Third Daughter - I remember thinking I had this delivery thing down and told my doctor and the Anesthesiologist I was going to go natural and did not need drugs...What ?*@#? was I thinking??? the last minute I kindly asked for an epidural.  And by "Kindly" I mean as in a raged crazy women that acted as kind as she possibly could!!
I thank God for the gifts of epidurals and my daughters!!  
Since the first day I touched their tiny little hands - they have touched my life in so many beautiful ways!

Meredith, Alexandria & Julia -  Through the changing scenes of our lives you have grown to become such strong and courageous Women of God!!  And as our lives continue to go on many more journeys - our feet may go on new path's and to a new location's but our hearts will always remain together.
I love you girls more than you can imagine and am so very, very grateful that you danced into my life!!
May you be guided by God's Word and Love!!

Mere - Since you were a young girl you dreamed of the day you would become a mommy!  I am so excited that today you celebrate your first Mother's Day and are experiencing what I have been blessed to experience for over 26 years!!
It is a joy to watch you as a mom.
You are an amazing mommy to Caiden!

"Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children."
Charles Swindoll

I dedicate this Mothers Day to the sweet memories of my Mother and My precious Mother in Law who are both celebrating & enjoying no cooking and cleaning in the glorious Heavens!
We miss you both and are grateful for all the memories that were deposited into our lives!!

Happy Mother's Day!!

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