Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Break Some Glass!

Welcome to our second day with my special guest -
Author and Speaker: DONDI SCUMACI!

My latest book Ready, Set…Grow invites you to pull from your life what doesn’t work, plant into it what does, so you can produce something extraordinary. The journey begins with what you believe. We all have self-limiting beliefs. They hold us back, and keep us from realizing our possibility. Here is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of “Grow.” I hope you enjoy it.

A root-bound plant has run out of room to grow. The life-giving root system becomes so confined and twisted that it cannot bring nutrients to the vine. The same can happen with our roots, which are the beliefs that bind us to our current condition and shape our future.

A story that illustrates this is of a farmer who plants a large field of pumpkins. Early in the season, he walks through the rows inspecting the new crop. The pumpkins are just beginning to appear on the vine.

Thrown off to the side of the rows is a glass jar. As an experiment, he places one of the tiny pumpkins (still on the vine) inside the jar. When he returns a few weeks later, the crop is flourishing! The pumpkins have grown so much . . . with the exception of one. The pumpkin inside the jar has grown to fill the glass. It has completely conformed to this prison and simply run out of room to grow.

What happened to that pumpkin also happens to people. What we believe about ourselves, others, our future, and even our past will shape our growth and influence our results. If we want to grow, we must learn to break the glass of self-limiting beliefs.

If what we believe about ourselves and what we believe about our future possibility are contained in a vessel that will not allow us to stretch and grow, we become root-bound.

Picture yourself holding a glass jar containing your current life—a life conformed within that glass jar of your own beliefs about . . .

Yourself and your abilities
Your future and your possibilities
Other people
Life situations and events

As you continue reading you will learn to break the jar of self-limiting beliefs and free the roots of your potential.

It is easy for the roots of belief to become twisted and tangled. When they do, our relationships and results suffer. Unbinding the roots is a four-step process:

1. Identify the beliefs that limit you.
2. Understand how those beliefs are impacting your results and relationships.
(Understanding the impact will motivate you to make the changes necessary.)
3. Exchange self-limiting beliefs for empowering ones.
4. Identify beliefs you want to add to yourself. These are possibilities you may not have considered until now, but they are possibilities. (And they can be yours.)

I encourage you to break some glass today, because you were Designed for Success and built to Grow!



THANK YOU Dondi for being my guest this week and for sharing with us words and wisdom that can radically change a person's lifestyle!

It is my prayer that everyone who reads this blog - as well as those that hear you speak or read your book - will think upon these things and make necessary changes to break the very thing that confines and limits them!

These are words of knowledge that we should never stop strengthening and growing in our lives!

I am so excited to announce that today we are giving away a copy of Dondi's book -
Leave your comments or questions on the blog by clicking on the "comment" word below...you can post as annonymous if you do not have a blog name.

Come back here tomorrow when we will announce the winner!

Visit Dondi's blog for more great reading!!

Dondi will be speaking this Thursday in the San Antonio area.
May 14th, 2009
7:00 pm
Cornerstone Church in the Chapel

Hope you can join us!

Live Inspired,


Have nothing to do with fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them!
Ephesians 5:11

I will combine the comments from this weeks posts and facebook responses to select the Winner's of Dondi's books...Come back on Saturday to see who won!!


Bishop Kenneth Myers said...

Good thoughts here - and very good analogy! Those limited roots can come about in so many ways! Sometimes it's through being stuck in a small container, sometimes it's through the ground being so hard - hence the importance of cultivating and aerating the ground around our roots - so they can spread. Without ongoing brokenness and the breath of the Spirit we become hard and stifled in our growth.

Thanks for the insights!

Bishop Ken

Wendy Blight said...

Wow, Vern and Dondi. What a powerful picture you painted!! I will carry this with me for a long time.

How we must break God's heart the way we limit ourselves because of our past, our fears, and our poor self image. If we could truly grasp and bloom in who we are in Christ, there is no end to what God can do with us!!

Thank you for this beautiful reminder to live in the freedom we have in Christ...to be who He created us to be...with no limitations.



Belle's Blog said...

Great analogy! Life is very short and we have to grow and move past situations and circumstances. We can not limit ourselves .... ppl need to be shown there is a way to freedom . To become who God intends for us to be . Have an amazing day!

Jenn said...

Love it!

Thanks for sharing!

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