Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mug N Muffin - WOW!

Hi you all!
A special Greeting to all who are visiting today after attending the Mug N Muffin event this morning at CBC.

The theme today was This Is My Story, This Is My Song...A Time of Testimonies and Praise!
I had 3 wonderful ladies share about certain testimonies that have taken place in their lives recently. My heart is full of amazement and gratitude with how the Lord delivered the message of Hope through their obedience and participation. To watch it all come together after months of preparation and prayer is beyond what my lingo can portray.

All I got for you is - WOW!

So Thank you for stopping by and come back later for a more descriptive update about this whole day. I do not have time to post pictures or blog completely about their Please Come Back!!

Right now I have to go get ready for another event I have been praying and working on for months. The day is finally here for the THIRD DAY ~ JARS OF CLAY ~ SWITCHFOOT AND ROBERT RANDOLPH BAND In Concert!!!

Anyways, I am typing so fast....and really have to go change so I can go help Donna with things before the concert. I hope you will come back for more Mug N Muffin details, pictures and of course Third Day Concert pictures and stories!

WOW - Thank you Lord for this glorious day!!

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