Monday, August 25, 2008

Sing Your Praise To The Lord!

It is Music Monday and Back to School Day for Ali Bug , she starts her Junior year and Ju Bean 7th grade.

I have been preparing myself during these last days of Summer that my girls would be heading back to their school hallways. It sure will be quiet without them here. Oh wow! I will have the computer all to myself!!

We have had such an awesome Summer so later this week I will re-cap some of my favorite memories! Come back and check it out!

For Today I would like to celebrate Music Monday with a High School Memory.

Let me take you back to my Junior year at TR High School.
I was in Choir class. My friend Kathy Thompson shared her cassette walkman with life has never been the same. Thank You Kathy!!

That day when I put her headphones on and heard the piano keys beautifully begin the intro of a song. My heart was touched and calmed as the music captured me like I had never experienced while listening to a song. The lyrics begin to minister to me...but I did not understand at that time what I was experiencing.

I understand now that My Lord was singing over me.

It was Amy Grant singing the songs - Sing Your Praise To The Lord, El Shaddai, and Raining On The Inside. But it was the Lord's powerful love reaching me through the ministry gift He anointed her with. I am grateful for her and have been a devoted supporter and prayer warrior of hers ever since. Maybe one day I will have the opportunity to tell her...Thank You!

The Album I was listening to was the 1982 Age to Age album by Amy Grant.
Often I pull out that music and listen to it to remind of that day.

The day I discovered the power and love of Christ like I never experienced it before!

The day I discovered Christian music.

The day I discovered Christian radio.

The day that changed my life and my future.

It was also the day I discovered that I was not allowed to listen to that "kind" of music.
The whole Christian music was foreign to my mother and our back ground at the time.
She forbid me to listen to the Christian radio station or I would get in trouble if I did.

I disobeyed often.

When I would lay down to go to bed I would listen to our local Christian radio station on my small AM/FM radio...pressed tightly to my right ear.

It was worth it.

On those nights...I slept in peace instead of with fear like I normally would.

What is your earliest exposure to Christian music?
How has it affected you?

Let Him know about it...Sing Your Praise To The Lord!


Rick Hutcherson said...

You are a great communicator, Vern! Love that story!

San Antonio

Rick Hutcherson said...

You are a great communicator, Vern! Love that story!

San Antonio

Lysa TerKeurst said...


Oh such a good reminder. I discovered Christian music and the affect it can have to help redirect my thoughts as a young mom.

I miss you sweet friend! And I do still want to get one of those purses for my mom.. maybe for Christmas???

I think she wanted the one with pink trim. E-mail me when you can. And keep on praising!

SSP said...

I only wish I would have heard Christian music in may have saved me a LOT of heartache, and others too! I am at least glad I heard it later and now know the power of worship. Glad I have the privilege of knowing you now, Lord knows I did not know much back then!!


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