Monday, July 28, 2008



I wanted to remind some and get the word out to others that THIRD DAY will be on JAY LENO tomorrow night!!
That is Tuesday, July 29th, 2008.

Tomorrow is the release date of their new cd - Revelation...I almost said album...anyways...go to Target, Best Buy, Lifeway or wherever you buy your music and enjoy the great music during the day and then do not forget to stay up late and watch The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and special musical guest Third Day!!!

Honestly if I was rich...I would have been there listening to it Live!! That did not happen but a part of my support will be there via my friend Lotto...and I will be listening to them and celebrating on the phone with Donna as we watch it together...just in different parts of the USA. Me in Texas and her in Tennessee (she is visiting the family - Hi Mimi!).

On Wednesday they will be on KLOVE Radio with Jon and Sherri if you have a KLOVE station in your area...enjoy the continuation of the street release week celebration and promotion!

One other announcement...I will be having a Third Day giveaway this week so leave me a message on my blog why you should win a CD.
I will announce the winner on Friday!

Ok - seriously I have one more thing...Third Day is coming to the San Antonio area on October 4, 2008...The tour is going to be off the charts in concert performances...go here to read all about it and purchase your tickets!

Just a heads up...I will be giving away tickets to the concert sometime in September...So check back and be so up on your Third Day wisdom!

Thanks for your time and do not miss the music, interviews and tour!!

This was not a paid announcement. :)


PS ~ Starting Monday I will have my first MUSIC MONDAY BLOG EVENT.
All you music lovers - Come Check it Out!


Vern said...

Ok - I am going to be the first to comment on my post!

I laughed when I read what I wrote about "stay up late and watch Jay Leno"!
Uncle Rico and I for some reason have a reputation that we go to bed I guess staying up late is not the same for all you folks out there...either way - STAY UP and watch it or record it!
I know you will enjoy it!

And to all our friends who think we are party poopers...You would be proud of us...we stayed up really late last Friday night...We went to the Journey concert with Stephen and Sara and ate at TGIFridays afterwards...We were out past 1:00 AM!!
We still got it in us!

So here is to Two Postings in one day!


Ginger L. said...

Hey Vern,
I love Third Day! I've already set my DVR to record The Tonight Show tomorrow night (unlike you, I stay up late regularly, but I will forget if I don't set my trusty DVR). :) I'd love to win a CD and get my kids fired up about Third Day. If I succeed, I may take them to the concert. I don't take them to many concerts, but Rachel loved seeing the Newsboys last year and the Jo Bros at the rodeo. :)

Anonymous said...

ok, we have all 3 of our girls at T BAR M this week. AND we actually are staying up late cause IT IS SO QUIET AROUND HERE! We just don't know what to do with ourselves. I am already taping (or whatever)
3rd Day tonight. Just incase we decide to be inspired by Robert's message this weekend! HAH!
I have seen them twice now and can't even tell you how many times their songs have inspired me to just praise and glorify our Father wherever I am. I actually joke around that when I go to Heaven I just want to hear them sing 24 7! Thanks Vern for introducing me to your blog!!!! I am just learning!

The Ben Show said...

Hi Vern - thanks for commenting on my blog! Your family looks so fun - what neat kids you've got there. I'll be reading along!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Hi Vern - I am so glad you found me. We are entering this bloggy world at the same time, and can be new blog friends together. I read that you went to She Speaks this year. What fun, I went in '06 but they hadn't done the Blog segment yet. May definitely need to go this year. So sad that I missed Third Day. It's so wonderful the new platform that they have. It's unique since Chris Daughtry goes to our church (when he's in town) and I am chastezing everyone to just leave him alone and let him worship, but even I tend to peek around when I am on stage to see if he's out there. No, it's not about him (chris), it's about HIM!:)
I am bookmarking you and will be a regular visitor.
PS. Your daughter's hair is awesome!

THE Stephanie said...

Wow, Vern!! I'm impressed. It looks like you're off and running in the blogging world :)

3CHEERS4MOM said...


Sissy Woman said...

Vern, I would love to get the CD. When they came to the church for the concert I did not get to hear them...I was working. You know I don't own a CD from them but I have some of their songs on the computer at home. Oh well you inspired me to start a blog site. So when you get the chance check it out.

Mario and Amy Andreani said...

Thank you for your sweet comment. I am so glad you stopped by. I found your blog to be very inspirational and hope you don’t mind me adding you to my favorite blogs. I read about Caty’s journey on 3cheers4mom just yesterday. What a small world, I think our Lord is working here because I just started praying for this young lady yesterday when I read about her. I am spreading the word around of her story and we are keeping her on our pray lists. ~Amy

Mario and Amy Andreani said...

I mean, Prayer lists, I think I'm just speechless about how fast this young lady's courageous story is spreading around the blog world. :) Amy

The Metcalf Family said...

How cute are you??? Who knew you had a blog? I just got started, too, so I'm trying to figure everything out! I want my background to look super cute like yours! I've got to do some blog shopping, I guess! I've added you to my list of blogs and I'll check by regularly! :)

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